Let It Snow: 8 Great Ski Homes for Powder Hounds

Let It Snow: 8 Great Ski Homes for Powder Hounds


I love the snow even though this has not been our typical winter it was fantastic to see this article about 8 Homes that are perfect for the ski buff.

What I really love about this is the home that is in Wyoming. This took my breath away when I first saw it. 

Who wants to go with me? 


The article states: http://www.realtor.com/news/trends/eight-great-ski-homes/

There’s a certain breed of person out there—maybe you—who sees a really tall, glorious mountain … and wants to hurtle down it at breakneck speed. No, not crazy. Just crazy for winter sports.

Ski season might be showing up a bit late in the Northeast due to unseasonably balmy weather, but that’s hardly putting a damper on the downhill dreams of snow enthusiasts. The white stuff will be here eventually!

And for skiers or snowboarders—and even serious snowshoers, sledders, or Zorbers—the ideal second home will aways mean easy access to the slopes. So get ready to slalom through our picks for the best mountainside homes on the market.


I must say, you should take a look at these homes if you are a ski lover!


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