Why Reveeo

My son joined our wonderful family in Dec. 2004. At the same time my father was on his way to the hospital to start the process for a bone marrow transplant.

During this time, I had stumbled upon this amazing new technology of streaming video to the masses.

I was blown away and knew as an entrepreneur this is where I needed to focus my attention.

So, on Dec. 31st 2004 I invested a couple thousand dollars and started my journey into: “Video on the Internet”.

3 weeks into this journey my father was setup with a computer in his hospital room with the focus of introducing my Dad to my Son with video (I get emotion everytime those words leave my mouth).

We turned on the video on our end and he as well on his and this was the moment that my life’s focus was born.

My father was able to see my son and communicate with my whole family.
After this video conversation, my dad and I talked about it and he said “Jame, you really have something here – Don’t you?”
Yes, he used to call me Jame not Jamie. I love it, especially when my sisters use it.

This statement to me from my father was the greatest words a son could hear.

For the 1st time my Dad really believed in one of my many entrepreneur ventures.

Bucko (as I lovingly call him) passed away yet he left me with my entrepreneur life purpose.

Internet Video.

The game was on! I started talking to all the local businesses and sharing this new found GOLD that they could use to communicate with customers and add to their websites etc. I even created a website called MeetLynchburg.com and was trying to develop a business video directory. The challenges came fast and hard. No one got it. Remember this is at the same time Youtube came onto the scene in Feb. 2005. It just wasn’t something businesses in my area were ready for.

Then comes a gentleman name Brett who is an amazingly creative, brilliant, and a forward thinker that was a top mortgage specialist with a group of real estate agents he worked with called Synergy. This group consisted of the top 30-40 real estate agents in our market. When I showed him video on the internet he immediately saw the vision and invited me to a synergy meeting and Real Estate Full Motion Video Walk Thru tours was born.

Agents like Lynn C., Tom, Theresa H., Liz D, Karen H, and so many others embraced this new way of marketing right out of the gates. As time went on we started doing land, commercial properties, and even landed a deal for 40+ rentals from a property management company – Thanks Tim P.

WOW! This is a business and I quickly realized the bigger potential. What if I could do this in every major city in America?
Every homeowner would absolutely choose a real video walk thru over the newspaper and traditional slide show virtual tours.

When the doors opened for national expansion in mid to late 2009 the response was fantastic and we grew to the coast, then to Tennessee, Pennsylvania, N. Carolina, Georgia, S. Carolina, all the way out to Honolulu Hawaii. It was a great ride, yet something just wasn’t right. The agents were not ready for this monumental shift in the way they list and market properties. On top of this the traditional virtual tours companies started to confuse the industry by turning a traditional slide show virtual tour into a video format and calling it video – For the record – THIS IS NOT FULL MOTION WALK THRU VIDEO TOURS! This is a slide show of pictures added to a video player… This is just a virtual tour and still common place at the time of this writing.

2011 and 2012 you could see the industry starting to step forward. Top industry speakers, consultants, and companies started to educate the agent community on the power of video. Top agents on a national level started having massive success directly related to video and homes started to get contracts based solely on a person watching a video walk thru tour.

The tide has started to turn. As a company we had lots of growth and also a ton of turn over, yet ran into many challenges trying to keep it going. Nothing can or will stop me – (remember my father and son communicating with video). I needed to make sudden and hard changes to the business model. This was a very hard decision because of my loyalty and commitment to the families that embraced my vision and goals.

I had to terminate agreements with people that I love and respect. If you are in business and are a heart person, you know exactly what I mean. Now I had to ask myself the hard questions, where is the industry going with video and how can my company lead the way? I took a step back and looked at all my video competitors, virtual tour providers, agent marketing tools, and top sites like Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Yelp, ActiveRain, even Zillow-Trulia-Realtor.com and it all made sense.

Do me a favor and think about your daily internet usage. If you had 20 minutes to spare what 3 sites would you go to? Yep, the same as everyone else.
You see the internet is shrinking before your eyes and soon there will be a handful of major players in each niche market.

It has happened offline and is now happening online. Yes, there will always be the boutique and specialty shops/sites yet the majority of traffic goes to the BIG DOGS!

This changed everything. The big picture came to me and I knew what needed to be created. I shared this with my programmer Shridhar and he said “yes Jamie, we can do this”! We started working on this new vision and in 4-5 months we realized that we could not continue to develop on our existing code. We had to start from scratch if we wanted to accomplish the Big Picture. BAM, 5 months down the drain.

After many months of long days, long nights, and 7 day work weeks, I am proud to introduce you to Reveeo.

The future for homeowners, homebuyers, consumers, agents, brokers, and local businesses that want to and embrace video is here.
Real Estate Videos, Social Networking, Nationwide Business Video Directory, Blogging, and all the marketing tools needed in today’s digital world.

Join the Reveeo-lution today!

I Love you Bucko and Jesser.

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