Why Real Estate Videos and Reveeo

Reveeo is a passion of mine that started back in December of 2004. This is when I first heard about video on the internet… Months before Youtube ever came on the scene.

During the 1st few months my focus was mainly on working with small business owners. This was a tough task. It was very early and businesses were not buying as fast as I wanted.

This is when a mortgage friend of mine introduced me to his network of real estate agents and things took off from there. Real Estate Video was a no brainer for the top agents… They just got it and understood the value.

This is when I realized that a real estate video marketing platform needed to be developed. We have gone through 3 revisions since our 1st platform and Mid 2014 the Reveeo real estate video and social marketing platform was released to the world.

It is by far the Greatest Real Estate Video and marketing system available online today!

Do not believe me?
Check it out Free for yourself today.

Real Estate Video on Reveeo

You can give us a call anytime: 855-HD-Video


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